štvrtok 15. marca 2018

Nice Autumn- TN kit March

Hi, friends!

Today I´m using Traveler´s notebook kit March from Scrapping Fun Kits.

I make leaves using this nice sheet of paper from kit.

I stamp and cut some nice phrases.

This paper I like the most :) It will be a background and a pocket in one. I cut the line on the place, where the red color ends. And stick it into my TN.

I add two small cards from kit in the pocket. There could be some notes, photo or something.

Now it´s time to make the right side. The leaves are as decor in corners. It looks better, when you stick it a little over the edge and cut the rest.

Thank you for reading and wish you nice day.
Jarka Ef

utorok 13. marca 2018

photo album


Dnes Vám ukážem môj najnovší foto album. Príjemne strávených 9 hodín :D 

(Hi! Today I would like to show you my new photo album.)

Toto je vlastne dokončený album, o ktorý sa súťažilo na mojej FB stránke.

(This is made for the winner of my giveaway.)

Obsahuje rôzne priehradky a záložky.


Prajem krásny deň :)

Jarka Ef

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